I am convinced that we can be of great use to the companies who are faced with and are in trouble with various problems and worries.

I had experienced the jobs in wide-range field for 35 years at Nissho-Iwai Corporation (as of today Sojitz Corporation) and for 4 years at Sojitz Logistics Corporation.

I had been deeply involved in responsible jobs covering from the procurement of raw material・plant equipment&machinery to the syndication of investment・financing and the sales of the product produced by the Project through more than 60 Energy・Chemical Related Projects in 50 countries world-wide including United Kingdom stationed for 5 years three month and China stationed for 3 years.

I am proud that my experiences in such projects and thus cultivated know-how are of great use to each company aiming at the construction of the factory overseas from now on.

Furthermore, I am confident that great contributions will be made to each company who will start creating new business in China because my personal connection established through various jobs(energy, chemical ,metal, non-ferrous metal, lumber, general commodities, textiles, foodstuffs, machinery, automobile,etc.) in addition to the duties supervising overall the whole of China and Hong Kong as General Manager for China.

On the one side, I have been conducted the support activities to small and medium enterprises for more than 4 years as Project Manager through [Shinrenkei=New Collaboration] System promoted and supported by Independent Administrative Agency under the Ministry of Trade, Economy and Industry・Small & Medium Enterprises Innovation of Japan(SMRJ).

For this period of time, I have been engaged in advising on and guiding the brush-up and completion of new business projects planned by small-medium enterprises and even after such new business projects approved by the Government, helping them to start those new business projects. Through these activities, I have sincerely face problems at all times who the managements of small and medium enterprises have and have co-worked with them, sharing the problems with them and proposing them possible solutions to overcome the problems.

I am convinced that such experiences and know-how thus cultivated will be useful to small and medium enterprises who are confronted with and troubled with various problems and worries.

I have started at Hatchobori such Consulting Service as I can make the best of my experiences and acquired know-how at Sojitz Group and SMRJ.

Transnational Arch Corporation
Representative Director

Sekio Hara